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Status of survey returns

This page monitors the number, type and status of ODK survey returns collected via the ONA system .

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SIDTime StatusFacilitylatitudelongitudeByView Facility
309433552018-06-22 11:49:18submitted_via_webYien Hoth Deng CHD7.799828333333333.010381666667mohgrssView
309861072018-06-23 13:31:28submitted_via_webPeter Gatkier CHD9.0671907530.8814693mohgrssView
324177402018-07-24 08:38:35submitted_via_webBeilda CHD9.026800133.4933987mohgrssView
325254572018-07-26 06:12:01submitted_via_webMathiang CHD00mohgrssView
330558642018-08-10 12:36:02submitted_via_webUror CHD8.040766666666732.02981mohgrssView
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