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Status of survey returns

This page monitors the number, type and status of ODK survey returns collected via the ONA system .

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SIDTime StatusFacilitylatitudelongitudeByView Facility
269427762018-03-26 09:09:35submitted_via_webgeocode fail00mohgrss
289432062018-05-04 09:53:32submitted_via_webgeocode fail00mohgrss
296588532018-05-21 06:01:49submitted_via_webgeocode fail00mohgrss
296589482018-05-21 06:04:40submitted_via_webgeocode fail00mohgrss
296855862018-05-21 13:10:27submitted_via_webgeocode fail00mohgrss
300163472018-05-29 08:04:25submitted_via_webgeocode fail00mohgrss
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