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Form 179432 CHD Survey pilot - Greater Bahr el Ghazal: Most Recent 5000

Status of survey returns

This page monitors the number, type and status of ODK survey returns collected via the ONA system .

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SIDTime StatusFacilitylatitudelongitudeByView Facility
127150292017-02-12 07:52:47submitted_via_webWau CHD7.7148574327.99001779mohgrssView
127952272017-02-15 08:16:50submitted_via_webRaga CHD8.4702534625.67750009mohgrssView
130174722017-02-23 09:16:56submitted_via_webMadhol county health department9.0331173427.69594241mohgrssView
130175412017-02-23 09:19:20submitted_via_webAroyo CHD8.6682823826.8521363mohgrssView
130579712017-02-24 12:42:35submitted_via_webCHD Twic County9.0938543728.43052496mohgrssView
130580122017-02-24 12:44:42submitted_via_webCHD Gogrial West8.5301111528.09972414mohgrssView
131969542017-03-01 06:15:50submitted_via_webCHD Tonj South7.276616228.68030961mohgrssView
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