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Form 179398 Facility Survey pilot (+team 2 offline forms) - Greater Bahr el Ghazal: Most Recent 5000

Status of survey returns

This page monitors the number, type and status of ODK survey returns collected via the ONA system .

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SIDTime StatusFacilitylatitudelongitudeByView Facility
127150612017-02-12 07:57:22submitted_via_webSika Hadid PHCC7.7137785227.98779036mohgrssView
127152102017-02-12 08:07:41submitted_via_webHai Bafra PHCU7.703193727.97821204mohgrssView
131204222017-02-27 07:48:27submitted_via_webAguka PHCU6.9801606228.7163828mohgrssView
131209752017-02-27 08:03:18submitted_via_webThiet PHCC7.6079723128.8105157mohgrssView
131213232017-02-27 08:10:49submitted_via_webMaluil Ajak PHCU8.5297916527.97729249mohgrssView
131218962017-02-27 08:24:31submitted_via_webGogrial PHCC8.5263480728.10062012mohgrssView
131221552017-02-27 08:32:34submitted_via_webPan-Nyok PHCU9.0849453328.20680751mohgrssView
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